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TLC’s “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo” Lowers The TV Bar

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By now the world has witnessed the travesty that is “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo” myself included and I have to say “I CALLED IT!!” Not that I like being right about certain shows but even I could not have called how bad this show was and has now earned TWO “What The Hell” worthy articles.

Where to begin, well I have now seen two episodes the first was this is my family and while there are some wholesome moments in their own right it gets canceled out by the overwhelming excess of flatulence, lice jokes, fat jokes, Alana talking with her stomach and then of course the weight loss challenge thrown down by “Chubbs” at the end. Then of course they hype 70lb 6 year old Alana up on Gogo Juice (Mountain Dew and Red Bull) and parade her around a “natural beauty” Pageant. I could not help but feel bad for her when she lost because we all have to remember she is a product of her upbringing and watching this show that is sad. They then go to the Redneck Games and you watch them cheer on “Pumpkin” while she bobs for pigs feet and loses. Then you get to watch “Mama” tell her kids they cannot swim in the redneck “bath tub” because there have been flesh eating bacteria in the water. Of course to which the kids were bummed   but then it moves on to the belly flop contest, with “Chubbs” and Alana which in its own way was cute because the girls were bonding.

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The second episode only gets worse. After her crushing loss in the “natural beauty” contest “Mama” and “Sugar Bear” decide to get
Alana a tea cup piggy, who she names Glitzy. After getting her pig’s pink “pack and play” put together, YES the pig has a “pack and play”, she proceeds to tell her sisters how Glitzy is going to be a GAY PIG so he, yes HE, can be in her pageants with her. Later on “Mama” calls in some help to teach “Pumpkin” and Alana some manners. Yeah, that does not go down well and the poor woman ends up looking completely exasperated. She literally almost ran out of there like her heals were on fire. Alana when asked what she learned she explains that she learned “Nothing” and that those classes were for “stupid people.” Her sister “Pumpkin” said that she learned that farting at the table is “rude, but what are you supposed to do? HOLD IT.” Meanwhile any time Alana’s pig Glitzy is being filmed, he is SCREAMING very loudly.

There are so many more moments of this show that the entire show just makes me sit there going “WHAT THE HELL!” Yeah there were A LOT of moments where I was literally yelling at the TV. TLC COME ON! “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo” has lowered the bar, and I did not even know the bar went that low. It is really kind of sad, because granted they have said they do not care what people think of them, and yeah this show gets a lot of laughs, however none of them are with them, it is at them.

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Mother of two girls and loves everything about Celebrity News. Writer of “What The Hell”.

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