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‘My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding’ Goes Too Far

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girl running holding braMy Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding, the name in its self was intriguing so I began watching along with the rest of the world. This show within minutes again questioned “WHO COMES UP WITH THESE SHOWS AT TLC?!?!?” I was awe stuck and not in a good way but that you know it’s going to be bad but cannot peel your eyes away kind of way. From my perspective gypsies are a lot like rednecks with money, but a severely twisted set of “values.” I would guess in a culture where marrying your cousins is not only totally acceptable and common, but also celebrated that I really should not be shocked by the ‘what the hell” factor here.

The antics of this show do not stop at marrying your cousins though it is an equality issue that really makes me question a lot of things. It is a completely different world gypsies live in, some of the things that get me the most would be, the clothing and the morals. The fighting not so much only because that’s something across all cultures that can be seen but WOW can Mellie, one of the girls on the show, throw down!

Clothing wise they pay top dollar for the least possible amount of fabric, and leave absolutely NOTHING to your imagination but it is a huge deal in their culture for one of the girls to strip for money.  This is a subject in one episode, where Mellie is talked about and even confronted about her stripping.  Mellie’s own family calls her a ref, which is insulting, because it means she acts like a cross between a Rumney and a non-gypsy or a “Gorger.”

Mellie has married and divorced twice, she also works to support her family, because she is not interested in succumbing to the physical abuse also acceptable in Gypsy Marriage. Why is this against their values? Well because you are not supposed to bare all, you can look but you CANNOT touch and lap dances do not exactly follow the no contact thing.

Then of course it wouldn’t be a “what the hell” moment if I didn’t talk about morals and yes it’s because I am a “Gorger”, but I just do not get it, but then again as with the wedding between Alyssa and Nettie’s fresh out of jail, too much time in the tanning bed son, Heath, I don’t think some of them get it either.

Though I am smart enough to understand, especially as a mom, that if my daughter told me she was moving in with, and marrying her straight out of jail boyfriend and not staying home or going to work to help care for her 18 month old special needs son, I would not like him either. Not to mention he’s not exactly um oh I don’t know faithful? It is one show to watch if you are feeling down about yourself that is for sure.

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Mother of two girls and loves everything about Celebrity News. Writer of “What The Hell”.

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