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‘Here Comes Honey Boo Boo’ To Air On TLC

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honey boo boo smilingToddlers in Tiaras introduced us to the world of exploiting our young daughters for profit. TLC’s newest spin off series “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo,” brings it to a whole new level of what the hell? On Toddlers in Tiaras, children as young as 6 months are paraded around in revealing outfits such as Honey Boo Boo’s (Alana Thompson’s) Daisy Dukes. As a mother of two young daughters I find it outrageous that a mom would not only dress her 6 year old daughter up in clothes like that, but pump her full of “go go juice” (Mt. Dew), fifteen bags of Pixie Sticks, and go tell her to shake her butt in short shorts on stage. Just watching the previews on TLC I am sick to my stomach for many reasons, the biggest coming back to my two girls. Maybe I expect more from my children, however if my almost six year old told me her life time aspiration was to be a couponer, that’s it, I would likely lose my mind.

TLC must be short on ideas because really?  I fail to see the demographic shows like that appeal to, yes I am guilty because I have watched the show thank you, but it’s only because I am usually am awe struck at how someone could do that to their children. I know someone is going to say “She wanted to do it” and “they are paid to act that way”, REALLY you tell me your 6 month old that knows no better wants to spend their childhood like that. Let me just say what everyone else is thinking, you are not doing it for your child from ages 6 months-6 years you are doing it FOR YOU. Most children at age 6 want to be a princess yes, yet I highly doubt they want to be treated the way those mom’s treat them. It might be different if they were caring, kind, or any kind of a good sport about theses “beauty pageants”   however THEY ARE NOT. The moms are rude, catty, vain, and do nothing but tear down the competitors, amp up their child, teach them unrealistic standards of beauty, and that it’s “okay” to act like that. What’s worse is that I have seen some poor child in one episode melt down telling her mom she didn’t want to do pageants anymore, she just wanted to play with her friends and go to school like a normal child, she was DONE. Did her mom stop? Did she listen to her daughter’s desperate pleas? NO! She called it a Diva Tantrum and kept making her do pageants. She was 7 years old and on the floor begging not to have to do anymore.

Again maybe I am just not seeing something and I am sure my daughters are so deprived because they do not have the ability to parade themselves around and act like spoiled selfish brats on national television. Maybe my kids will eventually resent me for not putting them in these events, instead of having them in girl scouts, teaching them how to cook, clean, helping them with their homework, sending them to church, giving them real morals, values, and always believing in their dreams. The latter might be true, but I sincerely doubt it. It will be an experience watching the shenanigans Honey Boo Boo and her Family get into on national television, guess we’d all better “Redneckinze”.

Kimberly Bureau

Mother of two girls and loves everything about Celebrity News. Writer of “What The Hell”.

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