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Drake Bell and Justin Bieber Twitter War

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justin with a lot of makeupSo Drake Bell has peeved off the WRONG little bedazzled army. For whatever reason Bell has homed in on Justin Bieber and is not only bashing him, but bashing on his fans as well. What started the feud was Bell’s Twitter account getting “hacked” (I doubt it) and a tweet to Katy Perry saying that it was “ridiculous” for artists who have been around for five years to release biographical films.

He then tried to put the matter to rest but not before taking a stab at Bieber stating: “I wouldn’t randomly bash @katyperry….bieber however lol.” That set off Bieber’s fans and there was no stopping it. Bieber tried to smooth things over by tweeting “Drake and Josh was my favorite show as a kid. really.” Really Bell? What the Hell is wrong with taking a simple compliment from another celebrity and just dropping it?? So who knows what evoked Bell to even post about the teen idol but he did not stop there.

His first bash on Bieber fans was posted as follows “I haven’t listened to much Justin Bieber but his songs must be full of hate and rage because that’s what his believers are filled with.” For starters Drake, the people you are attacking are CHILDREN, most of which range from ages nine to fifteen. How old are you again?? Last I knew you were twenty-six, you are an ADULT and you are ATTACKING CHILDREN. Really what the hell is wrong with you?? Are you that desperate for attention that you have to pick on the eight-teen year old Bieber and his fans??

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Obviously, because he did not stop there and would seem to enjoy his newfound attention, because he added fuel to the fire by tweeting “I don’t drake bell posing‘Hate’ @justinbieber!! I just think his fans are repulsive. Not a huge fan of that style of music…big deal…I don’t like popradio. The fact that parents do not monitor their children’s tweets is appalling. People wonder why we have such a bad bully problem!! (PARENTS!).” Then tweeting the following doctored photo of Bieber in more make up then a drag queen. Hey Bell not only did you not only just bring all these kids parents into this little baby feud you started for NO REASON but you just proved a point for children everywhere, because what was your excuse for attacking a bunch of kids?

That makes YOU a twenty-six year old BULLY. Clearly you are not that bright, so before you judge someone else make sure your own hands are clean. The reason all these kids are attacking you are because YOU started it. Maybe instead of picking on Bieber and the people who follow him to get attention, you could actually do something with your fame and money to make you worth allowing my children to follow you. Even the daughter of Michael Jackson got tired of your garbage because Paris Jackson tweeted “If u wanna compare the amount of fans or amount of TALENT even between u & Justin you know u would lose right? know ur place.”

You got schooled by a fourteen year old girl. Really in short from one of your peers, because I personally am not a huge fan of either of you, you are in the wrong GROW UP and stop picking on kids especially when you picked the fight, nobody is going to feel sorry for you for suffering the wrath of the tweens. Thus the twitter war begins.

Who is the Better Singer? You Be The Judge

Drake Bell

Justin Beiber

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