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Donald Trump Sends Rosie O’Donnell Well Wishes?

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“Rosie, get better fast. I am starting to miss your face.” Now had these words come from a close friend, loved one, a fan, or heck even the mail man for that matter the statement would not be so shocking, however they came from the lips of her arch enemy non other than “The Don” him self Donald Trump.

Rosie O’Donnell suffered a “widow maker” heart attack last week and is truly lucky to be alive as most who suffer the type of heart attack are not so lucky. She announced this earlier this week in a poem on her  blog. O’Donnell experienced shortness of breath, chest pains, and several other tell tale signs of a heart attack but did not even call 911 or go to the hospital at all she just laid took some aspirin and laid down in bed. Rosie and Donald Trump have had a very public spat going on love the last few years where Trump has called her a “pig” a “degenerate” and other not so nice things.

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So what I want to know is why the sudden change of heart? You certainly would not expect kind words to someone you hated so much. Here is my thoughts, he could be genuinely concerned, maybe it has something to do with karma, you really never know. Though for all we know, he could just be being sarcastic or being a jerk. Whatever his reasoning Rosie O’Donnell responded to his Twitter post with “well thank you donald- I must admit ur  post was a bit of a shock… r u trying to kill me? xx” I just read that in my best Rosie O’Donnell voice possible. Best wishes Rosie from the team here at the Daily Bubble hopefully Donald does not actually kill you with his kindness.

Here is the Poem Rosie wrote telling about her heart attack. Courtesy of Her Website

my heart attack

August 20, 2012

its a semi-sunny monday
the light bouncing off the flat hudson
mish is sitting next to me
i am happy to be alive
last week i had a heart attack
here is what happened
on tuesday morning
while walking in a parking lot in nyack
i heard a loud commanding voice
“can u help me”
more of  a demand than request
a challenge – a plea
i turned and saw an enormous woman
struggling to get out of her car
she was stuck
“can u help me? she asked again
as i walked toward her
“oh u r rosie odonnell”
yes i am
the ghost of christmas future
me – if i did not wake
there r no accidents i thought
as i braced myself and lifted her
it was not easy
but together we did it
she was up and on her way
with gratitude
a few hours later my body hurt
 i had an ache in my chest
both my arms were sore
everything felt bruised
muscular – i thought
strained or pulled tissue
i went about my day
the pain persisted
i became nauseous
my skin was clammy
i was very very hot
i threw up
maybe this is a heart attack
i googled womens heart attack symptoms
i had many of them
but really? – i thought – naaaa
i took some bayer aspirin
thank god
saved by a tv commercial
i did not call 911
50% of women having heart attacks never call 911
200,000 women die of heart attacks
every year in the US
by some miracle i was not one of them
the next day i went to a cardiologist
the dr did an EKG and sent me to the hospital
where a stent was put in
my LAD was 99% blocked
they call this type of heart attack
the Widow Maker
i am lucky to be here
know the symptoms ladies
listen to the voice inside
the one we all so easily ignore
CALL 911
save urself


Kimberly Bureau

Mother of two girls and loves everything about Celebrity News. Writer of “What The Hell”.

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