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The Pregnant Man’s Marriage Is Called Into Question

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Thomas Beatie, Wife Nancy, and their childIn case you haven’t heard, the “Pregnant Man,” Thomas Beatie, is getting divorced. Beatie’s reason for divorce is that his wife is apparently abusive. He claims she is a violent alcoholic and she once hit him in the “crotch” during an argument. If I’m not mistaken, Beatie’s “crotch” pretty much resembled his wife’s same area at the time.

In fact, it was the 38 year old Beatie who carried and gave birth to each of the couple’s three children. This is how he became known as the Pregnant Man.

This is however, the No BS Zone. And I think it’s a bit odd to say that Beatie was a “Pregnant Man” when in fact, Beatie was born a woman, and had all the correct woman parts necessary to have children. So how does that classify him as the first pregnant man? Could I say that I was meant to be a unicorn, and then get pregnant, and be the first Unicorn to be pregnant with a human baby? I know Beatie’s inner struggle with his gender is much more than that, but let’s not turn the story into something it’s not. A woman, who feels like a man, had a baby.

Beatie recently did undergo surgery to reassign his gender. His wife has not seen his new parts. But an Arizona judge still is unsure. Because both the husband (Beatie) and his wife (Nancy) have vaginas, their marriage may be the same thing as same sex marriage, which is not legal in the state of Arizona. Prior to their marriage, Beatie had a state authorized change of sex so the couple could represent themselves as a heterosexual couple.

Their divorce judge is refusing to preside over the divorce, because he’s not convinced the couple’s marriage was even legal.

One of the judge’s biggest arguments is Beatie’s womb, and he can find no authority that defines a man as someone who can give birth to a child. That’s probably because they can’t… and he’s not technically a man. The judge has however granted Beatie the right to try to convince him. Beatie has given his Passport and his birth certificate as proof, since both designate him as a man.Thomas Beatie

I can understand the judge’s hesitancy. This divorce will likely have a ripple effect on the way transgenders are viewed by our legal system. I do agree that Beatie is not a man, but a woman, regardless of what way he feels. I’m dealing strictly with the body he was born into. And the fact that men cannot bear children. They just can’t. And Beatie did.

However, when it comes to the courts, the state of Hawaii has already said, through legal documentation that is also valid in Arizona, Beatie is to be considered a man, and a husband. So which is it? Is he to be considered a man, or a woman? In my opinion, he’s technically a woman, but legally a man. And that documentation should be held up in court.

Keaven Neely

Keaven is a stay at home mother of two little girls. She writes her blog This Mama Is Crazy and also sells her arts and crafts on her Etsy site. Writer of “The No BS Zone”

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