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Lindsay Lohan Upset Over Lack Of Consequences for Amanda Bynes

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Amanda Bynes, Lindsay LohanLindsay Lohan seems to have her panties in a wad over the fact that Amanda Bynes seems to have only gotten a light slap on the wrist after her numerous car accidents and two hit and run charges. Lohan has been in and out of jail a few times in the recent years and has been charged with DUI’s, misdemeanor theft and also probation violations.

Lohan just can’t keep quiet about all of it either. She tweeted “Why did I get put in jail and a nickelodeon star has had NO punishment(s) so far?” The tweet came in late last night. I can just picture the former child star sitting in her bed, not able to sleep because she’s seething over the fact that Bynes has yet to see any consequences of her actions.

Lohan may just need to wait a bit. Bynes does face up to a year in jail thanks to her hit and run charges. And also, this past weekend her car was impounded when she was pulled over and the cops found out she was driving on a suspended license. This is the second time she was pulled over in the past week as well. The weekend prior, Bynes was pulled over for driving without her headlights on. She was still driving on a suspended license, but was able to talk the officers into only issuing her a verbal warning. This past weekend she wasn’t quite so lucky and was issued a misdemeanor ticket.

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Reportedly, Friday night, Bynes was involved in yet another fender bender. She was driving through West Hollywood, yes, on her suspended license. Bynes was driving her black BMW on Sunset Boulevard at 10:30 when she barely hit the white car in front of her. There was very little damage, if any at all. Amanda was trying to cover her face when the incident happened. Both of the drivers left the scene without even getting out of the cars. Though the close brush may have been a result of some photographers being a bit too close, it was still an accident, though probably not reported to the police.Amanda Bynes

After all the accidents, tickets, and photos of Bynes driving aimlessly while smoking a drug pipe, it’s no wonder that there are rumors now that the celebrity is having issues with her mental health. Numerous people have stated that Bynes is showing signs of delusional behaviors. A person at Bynes’ gym said that the actress showed up one day looking very dazed and started talking to herself, commenting on what she said, and then responding to the comments. Another person said that Bynes would suddenly stop in the middle of her workout and start laughing hysterically for no apparent reason. Yet others have said that the star has been holding conversations with inanimate objects.

Apparently Bynes’ neighbors are a bit aggravated with the media for painting Bynes as a pothead, but they believe the issues are much deeper than that. No matter what the case may be, Bynes is nuts, and does not need to behind the wheel of any more cars. Also, Lohan kinda has a point. When will Bynes face the repercussions of her actions?

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Keaven is a stay at home mother of two little girls. She writes her blog This Mama Is Crazy and also sells her arts and crafts on her Etsy site. Writer of “The No BS Zone”

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