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Kathie Lee Gifford Facing Heavy Criticism

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Kathie Lee Gifford on the red carpetKathie Lee Gifford is being ripped apart by fans after she made statements regarding the parents of drug addicts. In a recent interview with Family Circle magazine, she stated that though she’s not a perfect mom, her children “haven’t been arrested, in rehab or kicked out of school, so I must be doing something right.” So, is it implied that parents of kids who have been in these situations are not doing something right?

Many fans have taken to Gifford’s facebook page to share their feelings. Some fans have even gone so far as to call her a “thoughtless human being.” My opinion? Someone didn’t teach that fan that it’s not polite to call names!

Seriously? One fan even shared that the first thing they teach in family counseling for the loved ones of those addicted are “the three C’s; you didn’t cause it, you can’t cure it, and you can’t control it.” Um… Excuse me? There is also such a thing as Co-Dependency. Many parents of addicts are quite co-dependent and though their intentions may be in the right place, they only end up pushing the addict even further into the addiction.

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I’m sorry, but I stand with Gifford and her statement. Too many parents today are absolute pushovers and then raise their hands up in the air to Kathie Lee Gifford with daughterclaim innocence when their child does something illegal.

So maybe this issue has been building up in me for a long time. It bubbles near the surface when I see parents coddling their rude, obnoxious child. No, you’re not the reason your child is acting this way, but you are the one who is responsible for correcting the incorrect behavior.


Was Gifford saying that parents of addicts didn’t do the best they could? NO! She merely said that she helped raise these people who have turned out to be good, decent members of society. I applaud her! This is not a simple task! Far too many of us fall short in this screwed up society, where morals and standards are questioned and treated as stifling barriers. People act like morals hinder their freedom, when in reality, it does just the opposite. Someone without addiction has many more choices and opportunities before them as opposed to the addict, who is imprisoned by his addiction.

To all those who have been offended by Gifford’s comments, why? Why were you so offended? Do you unconsciously worry that maybe it was something you did or didn’t do that lead your child to be the way they are? As I said before, when I read her statement, I get a glimpse of her pride at a job well done. That’s not something anyone should be offended by. It’s something we should all applaud, and maybe see if she has some insight into how we can do a better job at raising our own children. What do you think? Should the comments made be Gifford be applauded or scolded?

Keaven Neely

Keaven is a stay at home mother of two little girls. She writes her blog This Mama Is Crazy and also sells her arts and crafts on her Etsy site. Writer of “The No BS Zone”

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