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“The Odd Life Of Timothy Green” Movie Review

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Cindy (Jennifer Garner) and Jim Green (Joel Edgerton) are a typical marriage couple who want nothing more out of life than a child. However, when they get news that they are not going to be able to have a child, they are devastated. Cindy and Joel begin to fight until Joel gets the idea to write qualities that they would like in their child. They have fun thinking of things to put into a box. They write down that their child needs to love and be loved and that he will shoot the winning goal. Everything they have ever wanted in their child, they wrote down. They take the box and bury it into the garden where Cindy had tirelessly worked on with no progression. There is a big thunderstorm that appears to only be at the Green home.

Later that night, Jim hears a noise in the house. He goes out to find that there is a boy, who introduces himself as Timothy (CJ Adams), the same name that Jim and Cindy wrote down on a paper and put it into the box. Confused, they wash him up and Jim calls the police. However, he soon realizes that Timothy came from the garden. At the same moment, Cindy finds out that Timothy has a special gift. He has leaves on his ankles. As a way to hide the leaves, Jim and Cindy have him wear knee-high socks. In their little town of Stanleyville, where Jim works in a pencil factory on the brink of closing, leaves on ankles would be seen as weird. Timothy along the way meets an older girl named Joni (Odeya Rush) who has a secret of her own. She has a birthmark that she doesn’t show anyone.

However, it is soon realized that Timothy’s time is short and that the Greens needed to learn a lesson. For years they have wanted the perfect child and they found within themselves that they didn’t need the “perfect” child, they just needed to give him the perfect childhood. They spend their time with Timothy for as long as they can and learn one of life’s greatest gifts is just to love and be loved in return. Directed by Peter Hedges. PG. 2 hours.

The Good:

This film rather surprised me. Granted it is toward the bottom of the Top 10 in the Box Office, but it was really interesting to see what was going on in the life of Timothy, who has amazing talents. The soundtrack was amazing throughout the entire movie and it was interesting to see what the behavior with more “seasoned” parents was like and how they neglected their children or lived through them versus how Jim and Cindy reacted with Timothy by letting him make mistakes and falling down and trying again. This movie makes you think if you are a parent and how you are raising your child. It had a deep meaning to it and it has just the right amount of comedy to keep the children entertained. It was great to see that the talent of the child actors in the film. Nowadays it seems that the children actors are getting better reviews than the adult actors. I have never been a fan of Jennifer Garner films, but this one made me like her acting in it.

The Bad:

Like in “The Possession”, I didn’t see anything wrong with this film. There were interesting relatable topics that everyone can understand and it was rather entertaining. The movie flowed nicely and you don’t realize that you have been sitting through a 2 hour movie. Normally there is something that I can pick out of a movie, but not with this one.

Things That Should Have Been:

This movie has it all. There was nothing that I would have liked further explanation on and it was entertaining from start to finish. Despite what the critics may say this was really well made.

Overall this is an all around good family movie to watch and even worth buying when it comes out on DVD. It teaches you a life lesson, something that many films nowadays seem to miss out on. With the Odd Life Of Timothy Green on your list, you can’t go wrong. This is definitely one to see in the theaters and you can even bring the kiddies along for the film.

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