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Katy Perry’s “Wardrobe Malfunction”

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Katy Perry has made headlines for a “wardrobe malfunction” yet again. This is the fourth time since April, but I’m not quite sure this one counts as a malfunction. It’s more like some pervy paparazzi took some shots up Katy’s skirt.

Katy’s first wardrobe mishap happened April 18th at the ASCAP POP Music Awards. Katy wore a gorgeous, elegant, London dress, but could not keep her strap on her shoulder. Instead of simply lifting it back up to where it belonged, the star left it hanging, revealing a bit too much cleavage, though I’m not sure there is such a thing in Katy’s mind. Pull your strap back up Katy. The dress was gorgeous, but looked a bit white trash hanging off of you like that.

Katy’s second incident occurred June 17th at the MuchMusic Video Awards. Katy wore a very unique nude colored bodysuit with butterfly wings to match. However, when she won the award for Best International Artist, Katy ditched the wings to go accept her award. As it turns out, the sparkly nude suit was a bit too sheer, even for Katy, and the singer ended up using the award to cover up her butt. It was actually pretty funny considering the award was in a long rectangular black box.

The third mishap happened at the after party of Katy’s LA Premiere for her 3D concert film “Part of Me.” As Katy was hanging out with Justin Bieber and Robert Pattinson, Katy was spotted with something strange sticking up between her breasts, just inside the top of her dress. It looked like a bit of tissue. Of all people, Katy has no reason to be stuffing her bras with tissue, but depending on the temperature, I can understand needing that area in between the girls to stay nice and dry. Maybe she was sweating a bit too much and that was the fix. Maybe it was just a part of her strapless bra, though I doubt it.

This fourth occasion is much less a “wardrobe malfunction” though. Some paparazzi with a super zoom lens was able to catch some photos up Katy’s dress as she stood on a balcony while she waved to her adoring fans in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Now, I know these photographers are trying to get that money shot, the one they can sell to every magazine and website out there. But really? Taking pics up her skirt? If this was to happen to a normal person, you better believe lawsuits would be filed and charges made against the photographer.

In fact, haven’t men been arrested for doing this exact same thing at malls and such? So then, does the fact that Katy Perry is a celebrity mean that people have a right to take pictures up her skirt without repercussions? I’m really just a bit appalled. This paparazzi, whoever he is, is just gross, and should be charged with something.

One last thing that did surprise me, Katy was wearing a pair of plain white underwear. For someone who’s fashion sense is little more out there than most, those seem a little bit boring. I mean, even I wear those. And I’m a boring mother of two.

Keaven Neely

Keaven is a stay at home mother of two little girls. She writes her blog This Mama Is Crazy and also sells her arts and crafts on her Etsy site. Writer of “The No BS Zone”

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